SafeSpear is the best lionfish solution and best lionfish polespear system to catch lionfish:



Our 3-prong paralyzer tip immobilizes the lionfish and keeps the lionfish on the end of the pole, 4-5 feet away from the diver.  Our ejection system keeps your hand away from the lionfish.  You never have to get close to the venomous spines to spear or remove the lionfish.  Hexarmor gloves are needle-resistant and provide the best protection.  The kit includes lionfish grippers to safely hold the lionfish while using the lionfish clippers to safely remove the venomous spines.  A stainless steel knife is included to clean the lionfish for cooking.  Complete instructions and safety information are provided.  We also provide two different bag systems for SCUBA diving in deeper water where sharks may be an issue and for snorkeling in shallow water where sharks are less likely to be an issue.  Patents have been issued to us in the United States (US Patent No. 8,887,434 B2) and in the Bahamas (Bahamas Patent No. 2252) covering spears and containers such as dive bags.  We have Patent applications pending in the United States covering additional spears and containers such as dive bags.


The SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear (Patented) allows quick and efficient spearing of the lionfish, and after ejecting the lionfish into our bag, floating bucket, or your boat, you are ready to spear another lionfish.


Three prongs is a lot more effective than one prong on a spear.  The rapid ejection system is far superior to standard polespears equipped with paralyzer tips.

Multiple Shots

If you happen to miss the lionfish on the first shot, you can reload quickly and get the lionfish on the next shot.

Known Quality

Our Lionfish Polespear (Patented) is proudly manufactured by GATKU in the USA. Dustin McIntyre is known for his high quality spears. The rear section (2 foot length) is made from 5/8″ outside diameter solid 6061 Aluminum. The front, ejector section (2 foot length) is made from 5/8″ outside diameter (3/8″ inside diameter) Aluminum tubing. The front, ejector section with head and paralyzer tip (permanently affixed) is 35 1/2″ long for an overall assembled length of 58 1/2″. The GATKU facility is located in El Cajon, CA and Dustin is a very important member of our team.


If you are not happy, return the SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear (Patented) or Kit within thirty (30) days and you will be refunded 100% of the purchase price.  No questions asked!

Fun & Excitement

We provide a complete SafeSpear Lionfish Kit for you to get out into the wild and enjoy the excitement of helping rid the environment of an incredibly efficient predator that is decimating our native species.  You can harvest a cooler full of lionfish and then, prepare and cook lionfish a number of ways and enjoy a sumptuous meal.  No other system provides this level of safety, fun, and excitement, plus a meal to boot!