Your one-stop lionfish shop!

We have searched world-wide to bring you the best of the best products to attack the lionfish invasion in as safe a manner as possible.  Remember, spearfishing is dangerous and spearing lionfish is even more dangerous.  Please read all the instructions that come with our products and please use all of our equipment so that you are as protected as possible from the venomous lionfish spines.  Always dive with a partner and let someone know your dive plan before leaving. BE SAFE!
We offer two SafeSpear Lionfish Kits – one for the deep water (SCUBA) diver that includes the Deep Water Lionfish Bag and one for the shallow water diver that includes the Shallow Water Lionfish Bucket Float.  Both kits include the patented Lionfish Polespear (with lamenated instructions), needle-resistant lionfish gloves, a stainless steel gripper to hold the lionfish, stainless steel clippers to remove the venomous spines from the lionfish, two Super Hothands® heatpaks for first aid and instructions in the event you are stuck or stung by a lionfish, a stainless steel knife for cleaning the lionfish, an allen wrench and extra set screw, and a lionfish dive bag.  Some items available separately.


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