First off, it is the most well-designed polespear on the market today. I did extensive web research looking for the ideal product to hunt lionfish in the Bahamas; I was terrified of getting stung by one of the lionfish, so I wanted a spear that would offer the greatest amount of safety available. The resort that we stayed at 5 years ago had been overrun with lionfish off their reef system. I was hoping to be able to use my SafeSpear extensively while returning to the same resort this year. Sadly/happily, the lionfish had been cleaned out by locals through extensive eradication Lionfish Rodeos. However, I did get a chance on one lionfish while snorkeling, but I missed him by a country mile–we don’t get much practice up here living in northern Canada, lol!! As an added bonus, my wife felt much safer with me packing a spear while we snorkeled close by large Barracuda 🙂 The design of the SafeSpear was flawless while snorkeling off the reefs. It is manufactured to exact tolerances, easy to set up, and stays tight after assembled. If I’m lucky enough to be able to use it again in an area where there is lionfish, I am more than reassured that the SafeSpear is my go-to spear!!!

T. Mathias, Canada



“I tested the SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear on different occasions beginning in April 2010 and found the added push-rod feature, used to push the fish off the spear, a very useful tool.  As a consequence of the added safety I was able to instruct guests new to spearfishing in the practice of capturing lionfish without worrying about the proximity to the animals.  I would recommend the SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear to all of those who are interested in making a difference in the presence of lionfish on the reefs.”

Cristina Zenato, Bahamas