About Us

Who We Are

SafeSpear, LLC, a South Carolina based company, was formed to market a new polespear system (US Patent No. 8,887,434 B2 and Bahamas Patent No. 2252) that allows for the harvest of dangerous marine animals, in as safe a manner as possible, most notably, the venomous lionfish (Pterois volitans), which have invaded the Southeastern U.S., Bermuda, The Bahamas, Caribbean and Central and South America.  Gloves protect you from the venomous toxin in the spines of the lionfish, and a specially designed bag system (Patented) provides the best way for you to carry lionfish back to boat or shore as safely as possible.  The SafeSpear Lionfish Kit includes the necessary tools so you can clean and prepare your lionfish catch more safely.  Remove the dangerous lionfish from our ocean and prepare a delicious meal at the same time.

Gregg T. Waugh, President, has worked in fishery management for over 40 years.  He was born and grew up in the Bahamas and is working to reduce lionfish numbers in the Southeastern U.S., Bermuda, The Bahamas, Caribbean, and Central and South America.  “Lionfish are not a part of my diving experience growing up around West End, Grand Bahama,” says Gregg.  “I have spent my entire professional career protecting fishery resources, and in many instances this has resulted in limiting fishermen’s catch through management regulations.  Lionfish represent an opportunity to promote commercial and recreational fishing to reduce the negative impacts from lionfish predation on native species and to give overfished species a chance to rebuild,” he went on to say.

Patents have issued in the United States (US Patent No. 8,887,434 B2) and in the Bahamas (Bahamas Patent No. 2252) covering spears and containers such as dive bags.  Patent applications are pending in the United States covering additional spears and containers such as dive bags.


We at SafeSpear, LLC are very concerned about protecting our environment and will be donating 10% of our annual profit to organizations dedicated to reversing the damage caused by lionfish.  Organizations in our initial selection are:

  1. Bahamas National Trust (BNT)
  2. Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF)
  3. Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS)
  4. Gulf & Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI)


After returning from a trip to Freeport in 2008 and hearing about all the lionfish observed by family and friends while diving, Gregg sketched out the design for a modified lionfish polespear and lionfish bag system.  The design sat on his desk for almost a year before continued stories about the invasive lionfish prompted Gregg to dust off the original sketches and begin working on a prototype.  Gregg’s son, Andrew Cogswell (Sales Manager), made the prototype in their home in Walterboro, SC, and his daughter, Margaret Cogswell (Website Manager), drew the initial designs for the Lionfish Buster, while his wife Lisa, (Vice President), conducted product research and wrote copy for the initial launch of SafeSpear's website.  Polespear manufacturers were researched to find someone to make a high-quality, reliable product.  SafeSpear, LLC eventually contracted with noted GatKu polespear maker Dustin McIntyre to manufacture a new Lionfish Polespear System (Patented) that allows you to harvest lionfish while maintaining a safe distance from them.  “We are only interested in working with the best, and the product Dustin makes is top-notch,” says Gregg.

Gregg and Lisa worked with Andrew and Margaret to form SafeSpear, LLC in early 2009 in South Carolina where SafeSpear is located.  Website design, product searches, field trials, etc. consumed much of the remainder of 2009.  The website was launched, and the first SafeSpear Lionfish Polespears were available in April 2010.

Our Team Members

Gregg T. Waugh

Gregg T. Waugh, President, has worked in fishery management for over 40 years.  He was born and grew up in the Bahamas and is working to reduce lionfish numbers in the Southeastern U.S., Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, The Bahamas, Caribbean, and Central and South America.  

Lisa A. Waugh
Vice President

Lisa A. Waugh, Vice President, is from Anderson, SC, and has a background in music, writing, sales and community theater.  She conducts and thoroughly enjoys research for SafeSpear while keeping an eye on all things administrative.

Andrew C. Cogswell
Sales Manager

Andrew C. Cogswell, Sales Manager, was born in Charleston, SC, and has a MFA in Theater from Louisiana Tech University and is an avid guitar player. He fabricated SafeSpear's first polespear prototype and has served as Sales Manager since startup. He prides himself on doing an excellent job in customer relations.

Margaret A. Cogswell
Website Manager

Margaret A. Cogswell, Website Manager, grew up in Charleston, SC, and has a BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development from Savannah College of Art & Design, as well as being a musician. She also owns and operates a web design and children's book publishing company.