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SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance. We offer two SafeSpear Lionfish Kits - one for the deep water (SCUBA) diver that includes the Deep Water Lionfish Bag and one for the shallow water diver that includes the Shallow Water Lionfish Bucket Float.


Source of Lionfish Invasion

Hurricane Andrew to blame??? Well maybe or maybe not. Walter Courtenay, fisheries biologist and Professor Emeritus at Florida Atlantic U ...


Your one-stop lionfish shop!

We have searched world-wide to bring you the best of the best products to attack the lionfish invasion in as safe a manner as possible.  Rem ...


SafeSpear Product Launch

The Bahamas National Trust hosted a program to introduce SafeSpear on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. The program began at 6:30 pm at the Ran ...